“Milk”toast sycophant condemns gay marriage opponents.

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Just writing Sean Penn here would be sufficient to make a joke, but this requires a little more depth.

It is laughable for the likes of Sean Penn to talk about the shame of pro-family supporters when he jets around the world doing photo-ops with President for Life Hugo Chavez. When will Sean Penn be ashamed for propping up a man who leaves his own people without electricity? When will he reflect on his actions, or is the Communist in Communist Chic an enhancement?

Hatred, sir? Hatred is the reaction of the Proposition 8 mob to non-politically protected houses of worship. The Gay Mafia doesn’t dare target the black churches, despite the 70% African American support of Prop 8, but rest assured if there’s a Mormon to be pushed around somewhere, the Gay Mafia will be there in their pink Teflon to deliver “justice,” vigilante style, to all who oppose “tolerance.” They are a vile lot of perverts not because of their sexual proclivities, but because their brand of “justice” supercedes the freedom and liberty of everyone else to vote their conscience.

I’d make a witty quip about the Prop 8 mob feeling shame for their children and grandchildren, but it isn’t as if they have any.


3 Responses to “Milk”toast sycophant condemns gay marriage opponents.

  1. IT IS HATE.

    * A man has the child he raised as his own TAKEN AWAY one day after his spouse died.
    * A man loses the house he built and lived in for 30 years after his spouse dies.
    * A woman loses her spouse’s pension after she dies; both are police officers.

    IT IS HATE. We have to STOP pussy-footing around here. Across the board, all I hear about are “rights”, with absolutely NO MENTION of the REAL LIFE consequences when these rights are NOT in place. Horrible, inhuman, cruel suffering.

    Regardless of whether or not a MASS TAX REVOLT occurs and brings change, I think we simply DO NOT DESERVE the legal hatred and legal violence we are subjected to, and wonder why the hell so many Q’s accept this treatment without responding IN MORE FORCEFUL, ACTIVE WAYS (holding a sign and donating money is about as passive as you can get).

    If heterosexuals experienced the same repercussions of legal inequity that we do, aside from a tax revolt, many would be PUTTING BULLETS THROUGH THE HEADS of elected officials. SERIOUSLY.

    Yet we continue the snail-paced march to equality, in TOTAL DENIAL that true equality will NOT occur before the year 2035 or later at the rate we are moving; you are naive to history if you think it will be sooner. Considering the constant backlashes we WILL experience from the Religious Right, and how the act of demanding FULL EQUALITY is viewed as being part of the “far left”, our pathetic compromising to the “middle” will guarantee a 30+ year wait for what everyone else ALREADY has right now – FULL & EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW.

    So pay my taxes, bigots!

  2. bkennedy86 says:

    Please give an example of a backlash you have suffered from “The Religious Right”.

    Also, please answer me how legalizing gay marriage has anything to do with your three above scenarios. They are all terrible injustices easily solved by properly applied contract law.

    If Mr. Penn is truly concerned about such scenarios, he should be talking about tort reform, not demagoguing gay marriage.

    Tort Reform is, of course, boring and impossible to demagogue. Trial Lawyers, a constituency of the Left, also have no interest in touching it with a 10-foot pole. So really, if you are of the activist mind as I believe you to be, I suggest you begin by harassing the trial lawyers. Tort reform is the answer to your problems, not judicial fiat. The problem with judicial fiat is that it rests on the whims of 4 of 7 (or 5 of 9) arbiters in black robes. You can’t guarantee permanent equality by judicial fiat.

    Finally, I laugh at your assertion that heterosexuals would react to legal injustice with assassination. Projection, much?

  3. brianb2970 says:

    Yeah, I had to laugh at the first comment, too.

    “A man has the child he raised as his own TAKEN AWAY one day after his spouse died.”

    Well, I guess that wasn’t legally his “spouse”, was it? Same deal with the other two examples.

    As Kennedy properly points out, these are all issues that could properly be addressed with contracts, or civil union statutes, which somehow or another never seem to be enough for the gay community. They’re hell-bent on redefining the mores and social contract of our society.

    The tail absolutely INSISTS on wagging the dog.

    As to your Charles Bronson fantasies, that’s all they are: fantasies. And that kind of absurd hyperbole makes you look like a complete fool, and does nothing to advance your “cause”.

    Look at it from a practical standpoint, too. Gays are about 2 or 3% of the populace. That 3% is going to go around shooting people?

    That percentage will very quickly drop to 0%, in that case.

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