Quixotic Atheist Attacks God Windmill.

(HT Big Hollywood)

Andrea Peyser has nominated Bill Maher for Celebutard of the Week, on the heels of Mr. Maher using the Oscars as a launching pad to attack forms of expression honoring deities he believes non-existent.

My view on this and just about every other assault on religion is the same:  I disagree with your non-belief but will defend to the death your right to not believe it.

An atheist attacking God or religious believers is fundamentally absurd. If you do not believe in Him, you are essentially throwing invective and vitriol at thin air.  There’s a word to describe people who accost the illusory: insane. Waylaying into religion as a general concept is at least somewhat less deranged, but has no basis in reality. The religious are generally more charitable, more caring, more willing to sacrifice for random strangers than those whose belief system (or lack thereof) does not compel them to consider the less fortunate. Yes, there are generous atheists and stingy Christians, but Ebeneezer Scrooge is not the model for either.

As a Catholic, I believe in God and do my best to follow His word. I am in many ways a failure, but my faith is always dwelling in the forefront of my mind. I do enjoy a ribbing satire, but the point of satire is to make amusement of the absurd. I have no personal hatred for Mr. Maher, Barack Obama, or any other ridiculous character as yet to be lampooned.


One Response to Quixotic Atheist Attacks God Windmill.

  1. thelakattack says:

    I couldn’t agree more. It’s more than a non-belief. It’s the fact that it can be expressed and its contrapostive argued. I’m an atheist myself, and have no problem with religous people except when they try to inject it into my own life. You should check out my blog sometime, we talk abou religion daily. Please have an open mind!


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