Rich to get Poorer, Poor to remain so.

(HT HotAir)

In the new Age of Obama, one can be assured that you fit into one of two groups: Immediate targets and Long-term targets.

Immediate targets include the rich, the healthy, small business owners, large business owners, families with two parents, Republicans, conservatives, Rush Limbaugh, talk radio, responsible home owners, legal immigrants, libertarians, minstrel theater, and public decency.

Long-term targets include the poor, the unhealthy, union workers, union teachers,  single mothers, single fathers,  African Americans, illegal aliens, welfare recipients, anybody named “Clinton,” any remaining liberals in the Democratic party, and popular petition for the redress of grievances.

The gist of Obama’s new plan, as reported in the Washington Post is to “increase taxes on businesses and the wealthy.” Remember everyone, that the Age of Obama is the Age of New Politics. Do not let your lying eyes decieve you, never before has any Democrat suggested raising taxes on productive businesses or that amorphous group of malevolent malefactors “the rich.”

President Barack Obama assures us that there will be a time for profits, but it will not be during his time in office. Unprofitability combined with government intervention in failing companies is the key to dragging us out of this recession. Vice President Joseph Robinette Biden asserts that paying taxes is a patriotic duty, unless you are the only man who can save the economy, United States Treasury Secretary Timothy Geitner.

Do not despair fellow citizens. Hope and Change is here, and in this New Age of Obama, the greatest wealth is not the money you earn, but the money you pay.


One Response to Rich to get Poorer, Poor to remain so.

  1. lekowitz says:

    Robert Reich wrote approvingly that the new budget “unequivocally redistributes income from the very rich to the middle class and poor.” Sad.

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