Herald of Doom to sound chipper, notes BBC.

From the Beeb:

President Obama is many things, but optimistic he is not. He has consistently told us that things will get worse before they get better, that we must, absolutely and unequivocably, rush boldly into his new trillion dollar plan with nary a brake to stop us; that so important is his plan and that of tax cheat (er, Treasury Secretary) Timothy Geithner that all his sunshine and roses campaign rhetoric about transparency must be cast aside in the rush to do nothing. I’m still waiting for that damned frozen puddle to recede.

Obama shall make another speech tonight, and I imagine it will be like his many other speeches: Long on length, short on content. Obama’s rhetorical style is that of the flim-flam man: he has you hang, on every word, no matter how absurd. Note that no matter how soothing and calming Obama’s voice and that of the only tax cheat who can save America, Timothy Geithner, the market has refused to go up. The emperor has no clothes. Or perhaps, the clothes have no emperor.

However, I am sure it will be billed as the greatest speech since the Gettysburg Address. Then tomorrow the market will drop another hundred points. Shovel ready indeed.


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