New Messiah claims Holy Legislation earmark free, despite earmarks.

Worst. Lie. Ever.

HotAir has a brief sampling of the pet projects and chicanery in the porkulus bill from a few weeks ago, go there for more details.

A brief rundown: Goodies for affordable housing, enviro-projects, education grants, high-speed rail grants, and all other non-direct means of  economic investment.

The most terrifying thing about Obama is that he will lie to your face on national television and smile about it. He did it at least twice in the last McCain/Obama Presidential Debate vis-a-vis his relationship with William Ayers and the circumstances surrounding  the Born Alive Infants Protection Act, which he killed on at least 4 separate occaisions.

My only suggestion is to spread truth to your friends and neighbors. You certainly won’t be getting it from the Federal Government, and especially not from the herald of Hope and Change himself.


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