Hitchens gets one right.

Via Slate

I’ll be up front here: I do not like Christopher Hitchens. His zealotry seems to be sourced in an irrational hatred for all religion and religious people, and his venomous and incendiary commentary is usually enough for me to set him on auto-ignore. That being said, unlike other haughty nonbelievers I could mention, Hitchens evades the single most derogatory descriptor I could imagine: coward.

For this reason alone have I decided to break snarky tradition and use a serious headline rather than something like “blind squirrel finds a nut” or somesuch. Hitchens’ distrust of all religions rather than mere Christianity is not a new development, and therefore the power of satire: impugning with truth, loses its sting.

The context of Hitchens’ correctness lies in his attack on an even more absurd agent of insanity: The United Nations. The UN, not fit with raping children in the Congo, creating human rights commissions run by human rights violators, or paying off dictators and despots for personal enrichment, has now decided that those who challenge the Religion of Peace should be silenced. It seems the only thing more offensive to the UN than guns is ideas. Censorship is the new Freedom. Control is the new Liberty. All ideas are welcome, as long as we agree with them.

Bravo, Mr. Hitchens. If only you made this much sense all the time.


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