Who will claim the nadir of stupidity?

March 9, 2009

It seems there is a contest going on right now among media figures and cabinet-level Obama administration heads as to who can do or say the stupidest thing imaginable. Here are the entrants in this laughable race to the bottom.

Our first entrant is Mr. Christopher Buckley. In general all he seems to have inherited from William F. Buckley is his last name, but even that does not explain the insanity of his recent Forbes column.

Hoping Obama was a centrist last year was foolish, if not implausible, but I see little reason for him to assault John McCain and Sarah Palin, as in the excerpt below:

Our choice, last fall, was between an angry 73 year old with a legislative record far from consistently conservative, who nominated as his running mate a know-nothing religious extremist; on the other side was an appealing, thoughtful man who–for a brief shining moment–seemed to be more than the sum of his ideological parts.

If I had to vote all over again, I’d pull the same lever. Maybe I’m obtuse. Or maybe I just haven’t yet entirely given up on the old audacity of hope.

John McCain was not my choice in the primaries. The first time I ever even considered pulling the level for him was on November 4th, 2008. That being said, John McCain has to be the calmest example of an angry old man yet to be seen. In regards to religious extremism and thoughtfullness? Obama is a man who had his children baptized by a preacher known for spreading lives about God and the Bible, bought his house from a slum lord currently under federal investigation, and didn’t even flinch when he served on the same board as an unrepentant terrorist. If Barack Obama is the standard bearer for thoughtfulness, thoughtfulness is very overrated indeed.

If Chris Buckley didn’t like McCain’s voting record, why would he vote for the biggest liberal in the Senate?

One final note: It appears Mr. Buckley forgot to analyze Obama’s Vice Presidential choice of Joe Biden. Is that because the choice wasn’t thoughtful or that when it comes to idiocy, Joe Biden’s record surpasses those who have willfully attempted to surpass it?

Entrant two in this contest is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Mrs. Clinton has made two noteworthy gaffes in the last week.

The first is giving the Russian Foreign Minister an incorrectly translated “reset” button. Instead it said “overcharged.” This sniping at the previous admnistration is very Clintonesque to begin with, but why does anyone give the Russians a big red button? Furthermore, why would anyone be so cheap and tacky with their gift, and then not even bother to make sure the incription is correct? Nikita Khruschev is laughing from his grave. When will the Clintons learn that America’s enemies can greet them warmly and initiate a missile strike simultaneously?

The second comes from her audience with European Union leaders.

Just read the whole thing. The short form is that she claimed US democracy was older than European democracy, that she couldn’t understand how a multi-part system could work, and made various mispronounciations of European leaders’ names. It seems like wherever she goes, the leaders there humor her as if she’s a lost child. Technically speaking, the US is a multi-party system, it’s just that no 3rd party candidate tends to successfully win elections.

And lets not forget the bone-chilling words that seem to come from all hacks in the Age of Obama: “Never waste a good crisis.” If anyone who has said that comes within 10 miles of your house, lock your doors and shut your windows. Not that it will help, I suppose, given that the more the economy tanks, the more bilge Obama and co. can stuff down our throats. Reagan said the most terrifying nine words in the English language are “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” “Never waste a good crisis” has to be the most terrifying five words in the English language.

You already know the other candidates, of course. Treasury Secretary/Tax Cheat Tim Geithner still hasn’t revealed his economic recovery plan, Obama’s urban czar (whatever that is) remains as corrupt as anything Obama touches, and Joe Biden, the guy nobody messes with, is supposedly in charge of the recovery. Let us hope that Neil Kinnock had a good economic policy speech that Biden can plagiarize.


New Messiah claims Holy Legislation earmark free, despite earmarks.

February 25, 2009

Worst. Lie. Ever.

HotAir has a brief sampling of the pet projects and chicanery in the porkulus bill from a few weeks ago, go there for more details.

A brief rundown: Goodies for affordable housing, enviro-projects, education grants, high-speed rail grants, and all other non-direct means of  economic investment.

The most terrifying thing about Obama is that he will lie to your face on national television and smile about it. He did it at least twice in the last McCain/Obama Presidential Debate vis-a-vis his relationship with William Ayers and the circumstances surrounding  the Born Alive Infants Protection Act, which he killed on at least 4 separate occaisions.

My only suggestion is to spread truth to your friends and neighbors. You certainly won’t be getting it from the Federal Government, and especially not from the herald of Hope and Change himself.

Reality imitates insanity: NYU thugs demand consensus and democratic process after barricading themselves in school building.

February 23, 2009

NYU Local has Lotorto’s Last Stand.

Lotorto even has an amusing post about the “revolutionaries” populating New York’s Finest Schools.

My favorite thing about crazy campus groups is they use force to occupy an area, and then accost the police for using force in dealing with them. They never stop to consider why security is there in the first place. “The Cause” is all that matters; let mere, inferior, “couch potatoe” mortals stay locked in their plebeian, unenlightened enshacklement to “The Man” while they evolve into the nirvana of civil dissidenthood and 15-minute notoriety.

Maybe Mr. Lotorto and his cadre should have asked for Democratic Consensus vis-a-vis taking over the Kimmel Center and barricading themselves in. Perhaps they should have polled the population on whether their demands were legitimate. But such democratic means are boring to the radical campus activist. Consensus is what you build within The Party after taking power.  Democracy is a platitude for the masses to absorb while the leaders live the Life of Riley.

And so it goes that the Palestinian propping, radical student organization, is thwarted once again by “The Man.” Damn that Man, with his silly rules, and his silly laws. For only we have the sagacity necessary to run things around here, above the plebeian, the moron, the illiterate, and the corporate gasbag. Laud to Us, The Dissenters, without whom freedom and liberty would cease to exist.