Fatties banned, fatties approved.

February 24, 2009

(HT HotAir)

According to the Sacramento Bee, a new law proposed would allow retailers to sell marijuana in small amounts if it passes.

Here in Massachusetts we had a similar proposition (Prop 2) on the ballot this past November. It is now legal to carry up to an ounce of marijuana on your person, although selling the drug is still prohibited.  If caught you pay a $100 fine instead of being imprisoned, as was the case before Prop 2. I voted No (keep illegal + imprisonment), but as it stands there are worse laws that could be on the books.

The only thing particularly egregious about this is that California is on a noble crusade against the scourge of laboratory-manufactured saturated fat, also known as trans fats. Apparently eating delicious, fatty food is banned while lighting up a brain-killing, growth-stunting hallucinogen is not. Some fatties truly are more equal than others.

The nanny state is as destructive as it is selective. The next question shall surely arise: Are fatties banned from restaurants, or is tobacco the only smokable carcinogen deserving of such infamous status? Stay tuned. The hippies are in charge now, and they will have their cannabis. After all, it has brought them so very far in life: all the way to the levers of power.

The question is: are they the dopes… or are we?