Fatties banned, fatties approved.

February 24, 2009

(HT HotAir)

According to the Sacramento Bee, a new law proposed would allow retailers to sell marijuana in small amounts if it passes.

Here in Massachusetts we had a similar proposition (Prop 2) on the ballot this past November. It is now legal to carry up to an ounce of marijuana on your person, although selling the drug is still prohibited.  If caught you pay a $100 fine instead of being imprisoned, as was the case before Prop 2. I voted No (keep illegal + imprisonment), but as it stands there are worse laws that could be on the books.

The only thing particularly egregious about this is that California is on a noble crusade against the scourge of laboratory-manufactured saturated fat, also known as trans fats. Apparently eating delicious, fatty food is banned while lighting up a brain-killing, growth-stunting hallucinogen is not. Some fatties truly are more equal than others.

The nanny state is as destructive as it is selective. The next question shall surely arise: Are fatties banned from restaurants, or is tobacco the only smokable carcinogen deserving of such infamous status? Stay tuned. The hippies are in charge now, and they will have their cannabis. After all, it has brought them so very far in life: all the way to the levers of power.

The question is: are they the dopes… or are we?


Reality imitates insanity: NYU thugs demand consensus and democratic process after barricading themselves in school building.

February 23, 2009

NYU Local has Lotorto’s Last Stand.

Lotorto even has an amusing post about the “revolutionaries” populating New York’s Finest Schools.

My favorite thing about crazy campus groups is they use force to occupy an area, and then accost the police for using force in dealing with them. They never stop to consider why security is there in the first place. “The Cause” is all that matters; let mere, inferior, “couch potatoe” mortals stay locked in their plebeian, unenlightened enshacklement to “The Man” while they evolve into the nirvana of civil dissidenthood and 15-minute notoriety.

Maybe Mr. Lotorto and his cadre should have asked for Democratic Consensus vis-a-vis taking over the Kimmel Center and barricading themselves in. Perhaps they should have polled the population on whether their demands were legitimate. But such democratic means are boring to the radical campus activist. Consensus is what you build within The Party after taking power.  Democracy is a platitude for the masses to absorb while the leaders live the Life of Riley.

And so it goes that the Palestinian propping, radical student organization, is thwarted once again by “The Man.” Damn that Man, with his silly rules, and his silly laws. For only we have the sagacity necessary to run things around here, above the plebeian, the moron, the illiterate, and the corporate gasbag. Laud to Us, The Dissenters, without whom freedom and liberty would cease to exist.


“Milk”toast sycophant condemns gay marriage opponents.

February 23, 2009

Video Link courtesy YouTube:

Just writing Sean Penn here would be sufficient to make a joke, but this requires a little more depth.

It is laughable for the likes of Sean Penn to talk about the shame of pro-family supporters when he jets around the world doing photo-ops with President for Life Hugo Chavez. When will Sean Penn be ashamed for propping up a man who leaves his own people without electricity? When will he reflect on his actions, or is the Communist in Communist Chic an enhancement?

Hatred, sir? Hatred is the reaction of the Proposition 8 mob to non-politically protected houses of worship. The Gay Mafia doesn’t dare target the black churches, despite the 70% African American support of Prop 8, but rest assured if there’s a Mormon to be pushed around somewhere, the Gay Mafia will be there in their pink Teflon to deliver “justice,” vigilante style, to all who oppose “tolerance.” They are a vile lot of perverts not because of their sexual proclivities, but because their brand of “justice” supercedes the freedom and liberty of everyone else to vote their conscience.

I’d make a witty quip about the Prop 8 mob feeling shame for their children and grandchildren, but it isn’t as if they have any.

Harris Poll: New Messiah More Popular than Old Messiah.

February 23, 2009

From noinvite:

President Obama is followed by Jesus Christ and Martin Luther King. Others in the top ten, in descending order, are Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, Abraham Lincoln, John McCain, John F. Kennedy, Chesley Sullenberger and Mother Teresa.

The Harris Poll was conducted online among a sample of 2,634 U.S. adults (aged 18 and over) by Harris Interactive between January 12 and 19, 2009. The authors point out that when interpreting the results, one must keep in mind that these heroes were named spontaneously by those surveyed and they were not shown or read a list of people to choose from.

Note this poll was before President Obama’s innauguration day.

It is extremely disturbing when a politician who is best known for spending time in office running for a higher office is thought to be a greater hero than the professed savior of a majority of Americans. Placing all of one’s hopes in a single man, especially one so prone to displays of arrogance and egotism is dangerous. Obama’s touchstone campaign style is messianic imagery. He literally said at one of his speeches that his election will be the day the waters recede and the planet starts to heal.

Obama is not the first politician to use messianic imagery in tandem with impossible promises and a cult of personality. I don’t want to invoke Godwin’s Law, but lets just say the last time someone like this came along, the results were disatrous for the entire planet. This is terrifying.

Quixotic Atheist Attacks God Windmill.

February 23, 2009

(HT Big Hollywood)

Andrea Peyser has nominated Bill Maher for Celebutard of the Week, on the heels of Mr. Maher using the Oscars as a launching pad to attack forms of expression honoring deities he believes non-existent.

My view on this and just about every other assault on religion is the same:  I disagree with your non-belief but will defend to the death your right to not believe it.

An atheist attacking God or religious believers is fundamentally absurd. If you do not believe in Him, you are essentially throwing invective and vitriol at thin air.  There’s a word to describe people who accost the illusory: insane. Waylaying into religion as a general concept is at least somewhat less deranged, but has no basis in reality. The religious are generally more charitable, more caring, more willing to sacrifice for random strangers than those whose belief system (or lack thereof) does not compel them to consider the less fortunate. Yes, there are generous atheists and stingy Christians, but Ebeneezer Scrooge is not the model for either.

As a Catholic, I believe in God and do my best to follow His word. I am in many ways a failure, but my faith is always dwelling in the forefront of my mind. I do enjoy a ribbing satire, but the point of satire is to make amusement of the absurd. I have no personal hatred for Mr. Maher, Barack Obama, or any other ridiculous character as yet to be lampooned.

Rich to get Poorer, Poor to remain so.

February 23, 2009

(HT HotAir)

In the new Age of Obama, one can be assured that you fit into one of two groups: Immediate targets and Long-term targets.

Immediate targets include the rich, the healthy, small business owners, large business owners, families with two parents, Republicans, conservatives, Rush Limbaugh, talk radio, responsible home owners, legal immigrants, libertarians, minstrel theater, and public decency.

Long-term targets include the poor, the unhealthy, union workers, union teachers,  single mothers, single fathers,  African Americans, illegal aliens, welfare recipients, anybody named “Clinton,” any remaining liberals in the Democratic party, and popular petition for the redress of grievances.

The gist of Obama’s new plan, as reported in the Washington Post is to “increase taxes on businesses and the wealthy.” Remember everyone, that the Age of Obama is the Age of New Politics. Do not let your lying eyes decieve you, never before has any Democrat suggested raising taxes on productive businesses or that amorphous group of malevolent malefactors “the rich.”

President Barack Obama assures us that there will be a time for profits, but it will not be during his time in office. Unprofitability combined with government intervention in failing companies is the key to dragging us out of this recession. Vice President Joseph Robinette Biden asserts that paying taxes is a patriotic duty, unless you are the only man who can save the economy, United States Treasury Secretary Timothy Geitner.

Do not despair fellow citizens. Hope and Change is here, and in this New Age of Obama, the greatest wealth is not the money you earn, but the money you pay.

New Location!

February 23, 2009

I’ve decided to restart up an old blog here at wordpress, since its style and features seem more conducive to my needs. In any event, I hope to turn this into a conservative-themed satire of all things ridiculous, terrifying, or otherwise moronic.

This probably means I will be at odds with the new masters of the federal government,  who appear to believe that profits are what is left over after you have performed the patriotic duty of paying taxes (note: Treasury Secretaries need not apply).